Article 1: Priorities in the field
- Priority field is determined by the pace of play in a group.
- At the start of the hole No. 10, only players from the 9th hole have priority


Article 2: The days of competition, not competitors players may take part only with the agreement of the starter

Article 3: The roads and grassy paths are an integral part of the course; it plays the ball as it lies on the paths not turfed, relief under Rule 24-2 b is allowed.

Article 4: If a ball hits a wire or electric poles (hole 1 or 17) it is mandatory to replay another ball, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played (Rule 20 -5).

Article 5: Drainage ditches
- Ditches usually located on the right and / or left holes are no longer considered as lateral water hazards. Only obstacles materialized by stakes and / or yellow or red lines are to be considered.

Article 6: Dropping the field without penalties
- In the footsteps of gear only
- Flower beds and saplings of the height of a driver or trees with tutor (Rule 24-2)

Article 7: Stones in bunkers are considered "movable obstructions" and will be removed under Rule 24-1

Article 8: The bridges are integral parts of the water hazard

Article 9: The use of competitions measuring devices or measurement of the distance is allowed, with the exception of any device that would assess or measure any other element (such as elevation, wind, temperature .. ) even if this function is not used.

Article 10: Dropping zone in hole 17



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